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Analysis of transport data may help predict pass on of flu epidemic across the U.

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BD first one fourth revenues boost 2.

BD first one fourth revenues boost 2.5 percent to $1.888 billion BD , a respected global medical technology organization, today reported quarterly revenues of $1 nettapotek .december 31 888 billion for the first fiscal quarter ended, 2011, representing a rise of 2.5 % from the prior-year period, or 2.4 % on a foreign currency-neutral basis. Forlenza, CEO and President. We… (more…)

In times of stress particularly.

Autophagy might provide a clue to the mythical elixir of youth even The cells of higher organisms possess an interior mechanism for chewing up and recycling elements of themselves, in times of stress particularly, like disease and starvation . But nobody is fairly sure however whether this lately discovered procedure protects cells, or causes harm. Apoptosis, the 1st sort… (more…)

Anacor finds novel system for lead anti-fungal medication.

Anacor finds novel system for lead anti-fungal medication, AN2690 Anacor Pharmaceuticals, a held pharmaceutical company privately, has announced that the journal Technology shall publish results of research that details how AN2690, the business’s lead clinical candidate, kills fungal cells by interfering with synthesis of a specific protein required for fungal growth. This original mechanism of action, made possible by the… (more…)