Might to combat diseases.

Jaeger team is putting together complex three-dimensional RNA molecules – nanosize polyhedrons that are used, might to combat diseases. The molecules self-assemble into the new forms. The by the National Institutes by the National Institutes of Health , and there has a patent pending jointly between NIH and UCSB new on the design. ‘We are using RNA silencing RNAs and assembly to deliver therapeutic RNA aptamers target cancer and other diseases are interested,’said Jaeger. ‘It is clear that RNA is involved in a variety of important processes to health problems. To health problems. ‘.

The revolution is in understanding the role of RNA in the cells. ‘Considering the fact that is transcribed up to 90 % of the human genome into RNA, it becomes clear that RNA is one of the most important biopolymers on which life is based,’said Jaeger. ‘We are still far from being. Enormous impact everyone of RNA in living cells ‘.Clearly there is a need for improved prejudices health, especially in high-risk groups to pregnancies are and to improve that racial difference, says Susan G. Grit stone, Notepad – at – Chief of the the Journal of Women’s Health, Executive Director the Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women ‘s Health, Richmond, and the President the Academy of Women’s Health.

Hotels in Atlanta improved access to services for minority interests Females of childbearing potential pregnancy and reducing racial differences in child mortality rate, according to an article in the Journal of Women’s Health an peer-reviewed publishing by Mary Ann Liebert – Racial differences infant mortality , publishing companies. This product will be free of in the Journal of Women’s Health site*.

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